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Millennium Business Communications forms Binary Communications LLC

April 1, 2011 App Development, Millennium Business Communications, Mobile, Mobile Dial Codes, Responsive Web Design, SMS Campaigns, SMS Short Codes 0 Comments

Millennium Business Communications, an award-winning advertising and marketing communications firm in Albany, New York, has partnered with Paul Harding, Managing Partner of Martin, Harding & Mazzotti, LLP to form a new organization called Binary Communications LLC. Binary Communications will focus exclusively on mobile direct response marketing, through the use of StarStar mobile calling numbers as the utilization of mobile phones for communications rapidly grows.

“Looking at the growing power of mobile communications, it is impossible, not to mention unwise to ignore the growing potential of mobile communication and marketing,” stated Paul Madelone, Chief Marketing Officer for Millennium Business Communications. “We’re building entire marketing campaigns around mobile calling numbers, creating additional sources of business for clients without geographic limitations.”

Binary will be offering a program that is built for success as StarStar Numbers have the ability to quickly connect consumers with familiar brands they love and trust through a simple call. Users can share and access information almost instantaneously at the initial point of contact. Numbers can also be easily incorporated into any marketing mix, making existing ads interactive with a branded, easy to use call to action.

“The goal is to create a simple, memorable, satisfying and easy to use experience for your customer that is designed to get them to keep coming back,” stated Nicholas Madelone, President of Millennium Business Communications. “It gives businesses direct access to utilize the three mobile communication channels that being voice, text and mobile web,” added Henry Nahal, Senior VP of Production for Millennium. “You can basically promote and interact with your customers any way you want, and it’s flexible in that you can quickly modify or change your campaigns as you wish. The possibilities with StarStar numbers are endless.”

The mobile calling numbers (StarStar Numbers) are leased from a company called Zoove out of Palo Alto, California. Zoove manages the StarStar system, with Binary/Millennium being a channel partner in deploying the mobile calling numbers. Zoove announced in March that it had secured agreements with the four major mobile carriers, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile to manage the system. All four carriers utilize the StarStar technology exclusively through Zoove.

Binary Communications is currently operating out of Millennium’s Albany offices and the two will work together in creating and rolling out campaigns. Notable clients of Binary Communications include The Star Law Network, a national legal network built around the **LAW (**529) mobile calling number in which local personal injury attorney’s Martin, Harding & Mazzotti, LLP are the regional licensee, and Belluck & Fox, LLP, a New York law firm that focuses in the category of mesothelioma and is building a campaign around **MESO (**6376). Binary has also secured **HELP (**4357), which is being offered to not-for-profits for fundraising activities. More clients will be announced soon. Binary’s new website is currently in development and can be found at

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