About Millennium Business Communications

Millennium is an award winning, sought after business partner in the Northeast with remarkable tools and talent to help businesses with creative communication and business strategy.

Millennium Business Communications is a strategically driven, creatively infused and digitally advanced, full service marketing firm located in Albany, New York. The teams at Millennium offer a balance of expertise in traditional and digital marketing services all under one roof.

Communication services


Award winning Millennium  Business Communications has been honored with several Communicator Awards in the categories of Video, Web and Print Media, as well as NORI Awards for television, cinema advertising. We are honored and humbled to be recognized by our peers and leading institutions.

Trust, Commitment and Talent

Highly skilled and talented people with the passion to strive for the success of others is why Millennium is successful. The staff at Millennium has a “must-win” mindset and proven reliability to develop thoughtful solutions that hit the mark.